Is the Word Trust Misused or Misunderstood in Wrestling?

If I wanted the title to be extraordinarily long, I would have titled it ‘Title Reigns and Length Have Nothing to do with a Promotion’s Trust in a Wrestler’. To preface this piece a little bit, this stems from conversations about Sasha Banks and how WWE doesn’t trust her, because she’s never had a longContinue reading “Is the Word Trust Misused or Misunderstood in Wrestling?”

Rein Him In or Cut Him Loose

Jim Cornette has never been one to be careful about if his words offend anyone. It’s a big part of his wrestling persona. He’s already caused some controversy recently with remarks that were interpreted to be a joke about suicide. I, personally, was bothered by a comment he made about hanging a picture of ThunderContinue reading “Rein Him In or Cut Him Loose”

When a Hardcore Match is just Hardcore and not a Match.

Greetings to All! Let’s jump right in with the most talked about match of the last two days, the unsanctioned Lights Out match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega. This match was undeniably the most brutal match that has been seen in mainstream wrestling in quite some time. However, was that brutality enough to makeContinue reading “When a Hardcore Match is just Hardcore and not a Match.”